English Language Tuition


When English is your second language, it can be daunting; the structure and application of the language is different to most other countries in the world. This can lead to things being misinterpreted, and the point a person is trying to make can be easily misunderstood.

If a student is studying in England, a good level of English is invaluable. A student can’t be expected to excel in education if they can’t understand their tutors or text books.

Living in a country where your native langue isn’t widely used can also be very isolating. Even the simplest tasks can be challenging when you don’t understand the language of the country you are trying to live in.
Our aim is to help students develop a good sense of the English language and its usage in everyday situations.


English at Kenton College

At Kenton College, all our services and communications with students are delivered in English. We feel the best way to learn a new language is to immerse yourself in it, and although this can be hard on some students, most feel the benefits of this additional opportunity to practise and utilise their skills.
All of our staff speak English, and use only English when speaking to students.  Staff never use improper language when speaking with students, slang is strictly prohibited so as not to confuse the students and the members of staff speak to the student clearly, but in a natural manner so students get use to the speed and way in which English is spoken.
But do not worry we do have multilingual staff so there is always a member of staff available who speaks the native languages of our students. Therefore, if there is an emergency or students have a problem they can’t express in English, they can speak to our staff members who speak their native language and get the problem resolved.


English Language Tuition

English language tuition is provided for all students who natively speak any language other than English. It covers speaking, reading, writing and listening.
English is the most important skill a foreign student can acquire. Although the best way to learn a language is to live in the country where it is natively spoken, this is not always enough to fully understand the language.
For a student to do well in an English school they need to understand what they are being told, and what they are reading. A student can quickly fall behind in class if the meaning of the lesson is misinterpreted or not understood.
At Kenton College we offer English tuition from beginner to advanced level, and teach students what they need to know in order to successfully accomplish their educational goals.


English Language Tuition at a Student's School

Many schools who accept international students offer their own English Tuition lessons; these courses are comprehensive and usually executed to a very high standard. Nevertheless, as with all lessons, some students can struggle with their school work, or the teaching method of their tutors.
Our ELT teachers help these students catch up with their English lessons and they help them understand the work they have been given.



As with our supplementary classes we offer English language tuition in group sessions or as one-to-one sessions; we feel in this case it is very important the student choose which they feel is best for them, as confidence can be a real issue when implementing a new language.
We also offer outings with the English Language lesson, to museums, galleries and other places of interest. On these outing students are encouraged to offer their opinions of the day and what they see and when they return to school they are expected to write an essay about the day.


Pastoral Care

Our teachers also aid the students in developing a confidence with English, some students can be very good speakers of the language but don’t have the confidence to actually implement it [their knowledge/ put their knowledge into practise]. They feel shy, or worry that their accent when speaking English will cause them to be laughed at or not understood.
By encouraging the students we enable them to feel more at ease when speaking English.


Our Teachers

All our English teachers have an internationally recognised teaching qualification, and extensive teaching experience in both the UK and overseas.


Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent direction