Educational Consultancy

Educational Consultancy


Educational consultancy is as much about pastoral care as it is about education. Although some courses are seen as being better academically, this does not mean they will be better for a student.
Our team of educational consultants work with the students, and more importantly learn who they are as individuals, to find what path will best suit them.
It is vital that students choose the right subjects when selecting a further educational route, as these courses form a considerable commitment, and take a lot of hard work, determination, and dedication. If a student chooses the 'wrong' subjects it can seriously impact upon their academic career and their future education can then suffer tremendously because of it.


Educational Consultancy for Students Starting Higher Education

Educational consultancy is especially crucial at this stage in a GCSE leaver’s life. Students are often unaware of the best path for them, or are uncertain of what they actually want to do. Deciding to go into further education is only the first step, and a consultant who is knowledgeable about schooling and courses can really help students find their path.
Having an educational consultant is especially important for those students who are at a loss for what to do. There are now so many options available to students that it can become confusing; especially since these students are still young and rarely see the bigger picture, or consider if what they are doing is going to be the best thing for them in the future.
A consultant can guide these students, by learning about their skills, abilities, what they enjoy and what their goals are they can narrow down a course of action for the student to take. This may not always be an educational route, but it is always what is best for each particular student.
An Educational consultant offers these students someone they can turn, to help them find what they want to do, and advise them on the best course of action for achieving it.

Educational Consultancy for Students Already in Higher Education

Students have various different reasons for choosing higher education, and they don’t always make the right decision. Students who have embarked upon a particular course may feel trapped into continuing with it, even when they know that what they are doing isn’t right for them.

An educational consultant can also help in these sorts of situations because the consultants don’t just advise people on which courses to go into to get the best jobs at the end of it; they help students to realize their goals by exploring all potential routes. Furthermore, they understand how the schooling system works, so if a student wishes to leave a course, they can advise him/her on how to go about it whilst helping the student to choose a new course of action.
Students stuck in this situation feel isolated and confused; they are often frustrated at their own failings, but are aware that they need a change; they just don’t know what this should be, or how to go about it. The consultants offer the students someone to talk to, someone who will listen to them in a non-judgemental manner. For these students, such pastoral care is very important. They often just want someone else to see how much they have struggled, and how hard they have tried with their higher education, and this is something that our educational consultants do.


Our Consultants


Kenton College’s educational consultants have a wealth of experience in the field of educational consultancy; they have been engaged for more than 10 years in this changing industry.
Many of our experts have themselves undertaken their university education in new and confusing environments of another country. They know how it feels to confront the challenges of immersing themselves into a different culture, whilst at the same time trying your best to study and achieve. They understand the vital importance of guidance and support at this crucial period in a young person’s life, and can really empathise with our students on a more personal level.
Our educational consultants are committed to the students, and meetings with them are often more than a single session. They don’t stop working with a student until they are 100% happy that they have provided the best possible advice for that student.

Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent direction