Drop in Centre


Students need help, and they aren’t always sure where they can find it. At Kenton College we offer a drop in centre service for any students who require. Regardless of what help they need, they can find it here.

Why Might You Need a Drop in Centre?

There are many reasons why we feel our drop in centre service is beneficial. We offer all students the extra time and care they need from GCSE to Master’s level University students.
The purpose of the centre is to offer students a place to go whether they need a quiet place to in which to revise or someone to go over coursework questions with them at a convenient time for them.



To be able to provide exactly what is needed, when it is needed, our drop in students are required to register with us.
Registrations are no more than a short interview wherein an interviewer will fill out an application form with the student, as the interview proceeds.
We do this so we can find out more about the students and find out what they need from us as a drop in centre.
Once registration is completed and the student is accepted they are free to ‘drop-in’ on us any time.


Services of the Drop in Centre

As a drop in centre we offer many different services; we provide as much as we can for our drop-in students.

A quiet place to study sometimes is all a student needs, somewhere they can be alone and really knuckle down and get some work done. This applies not just to exam takers, but students doing coursework and dissertations as well. At home there can be a multitude of distractions which may lead a student astray, and they end up getting nothing done. Even libraries can sometimes be less ideal then a student realizes, there are always people moving and shifting around; often you end up sharing a table and the other people can be just as distracting as friends and family.
Our class room and premises in general are very quiet; we keep all noises to a minimum so as to not cause any distractions or disruptions to our students.

A helping hand is vital to students, sometimes meanings of coursework and exam preparations can be misinterpreted, or not fully understood. For these students someone to turn to, to help clarify what they need to do, is very important. It also saves wasted time; a student might work very hard completing a project only to discover that they missed the point of a question. Understandably, this can be quite exasperating and disheartening.

A quick lesson is sometimes all that is needed; students might not need a complete course of brush up lessons on a particular subject, they might just need someone to sit down with then and explain a certain type of mathematical problem, for example. The student might fully understand the majority of their class work but just lack the understanding of a small aspect of it.

Basic Proofreading is also available as part of our drop-in service. It is always better to have any educational writings free of mistakes; but sometimes simple errors are easily over looked by the writer themselves.
 As technology moves forward and education moves with it, more and more coursework and theses are being done via word processing. This can lead to ‘typos’ which are often read straight over by the student. Our proofreaders will spend time looking through the work, and high-light any mistakes. It is then down to the student to correct these errors before handing their work in.
We can offer a more comprehensive proofreading and editing service but this will need to be booked in so that we can appoint the work an appropriate amount of time.
See more about more advanced proofreading and editing on the proofreading page in services.

Scheduling is invaluable to a student, allotting and spending the correct amount of time and each piece of work, or exam preparation, is key to being fully prepared for your academic life. As the academic year comes to an end, coursework and exam preparation can pile up, and students can feel snowed under. They lose the ability to see what is important and what can wait a little longer, what should take an hour and what should take a day.
Having someone to put things back in to perspective can be invaluable. A student can drop in at anytime and speak to someone at our college who will talk over with them what work they have to get done, and help them create a time table which he/ she can stick to.
Things move more smoothly when you organize everything; even a university theses or dissertation can be put into a time table, usually consisting over varying chapters which are all different, and therefore require a unique and individual amount of time. An introductory chapter might only require an hour of your time, whereas the third chapter might need eight.
The consultants check over these dissertations and theses with the learn what is needed from the student in each chapter to aid them in deciding how important each chapter actually is, and as such ascertains the length of time each should take. This is also based on the students ability, as every student works differently some may work quicker than others. All such variables are taken into account.


When Can a Student Drop in?

Our College is open 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday to Friday, we are also open every bank holiday, half term, summer holiday and Easter holiday.
We can offer extra hours outside of these time but these must be arranged in advance, and are subject to their own costs.

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