Credit System

A flexible help system, available whenever you need it.

What are Credits and Their Uses?

Credits are Kenton College’s version of currency. All of the services that the college provides are written termed in amounts of Credit. Each time a student uses a service, or has lessons, credits are deducted from the credit sum they have purchased.

Learning Schemes and Credit Costs

We have split our services into two categories, to make understanding the cost of credits more straightforward. Please refer to the table below :

Learning Scheme 01 - Group work and general advice


Group Supplementary Classes


Educational Consultancy


Drop in Centre


Course Work Advice


Group English Language Tuition

Credit Usage

One hour is equivalent to one credit, two hours are equivalent to two credits, and so on. Less than one hour is regarded as a full hour



Learning Scheme 02 - One-to-one tuition


One-to-One Tuition - Supplementary Lessons

Credit Usage

One hour is equivalent to two credits, two hours are equivalent to four credits, and so on. Less than one hour is regarded as a full hour

Advantages to Learning Schemes

Learning Scheme A:

Supplementary classes and group English Language Tuition enable students to work with others their own age, helping them grow in confidence and further develop their interest in learning.

Our other services are all designed to aid international students in adjusting to life and school in the UK. Students are able to contact our professional consultant, who will advise them on any problems they may encounter during the course of their stay. This high level of assistance enables the college to resolve and ease the worries of all students quickly and efficiently.

Learning Scheme B:

Sometimes students struggle with school courses, and the general British learning process. English schools are different to establishments in other countries and some students may find themselves falling behind. Students can find it hard to adjust to the English curriculum, the different teaching methods, or the language.
For these students we have one-to-one lessons available; these intensive courses help bring the student up to speed, and gain the knowledge they need in order to pass school examinations and assessments.

These supplementary lessons are completely private, and we have found that reserved students feel more comfortable and can work better and more effectively, thus maximising their learning.

In order to use the services at Kenton College you need to purchase credits.

Credit, Deposit Card, and Topping Up

Credits are given to students in the form of a deposit card. This card can have one off amounts of 50 – 100 credits placed on it.

The credits are valid from the 1st September, to the 31st August the following year. You can top up the deposit card with credit if and when it is needed, within these dates.

The minimum top up amount is 50 credits.

Credit Package option

Any credits left on the deposit card after these dates are voided, and more credits will have to be purchased for any services required after 31st August.

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