Course Work Support

A substantial part of a grade can be encapsulated in coursework, throughout an academic career. In some subjects it can contribute as much as 60% of the final mark, and so approaching it correctly is imperative.

Understanding Coursework

Although this might seem basic, some students can miss the very point of a coursework question. They sometimes fail to realise what is being asked of them, or simply don’t understand the question.
If a student doesn’t fully understand what they have to do, they are unlikely to score highly, even if they are generally good at the subject. We sit down with students and help them in understanding what the coursework question is trying to test, so that theiy can be confident that their time will be put to good use.

Coursework Requirements

There are many different types of course work, starting at GCSE level and going right through to University level, and they all have a common target.

Regardless of what the question is, all coursework needs to show progression. A piece of Art coursework, for example, which only includes a final picture, would receive a low grade, because the point of the coursework is to show what the student did to get the end result. All coursework abides by this basic principle, but some students can fail to realise this, and are unsure of the stages they need to show in order to complete it properly.

Some students are so intimidated by a task that they don’t realise how much they actually understand. At Kenton College we sit down with them and encourage them to tell us what they need to do, restoring the confidence of the students. When the students realise that they held the answers to begin with, they are often filled with a sense of pride and are able to finish the coursework enthusiastically
Of course, this is not true for all, and many become anxious about their projects and deadlines. Our tutors sit with these students and reassure them; they listen and explain the coursework in an easy and simple manner, until the student understands completely what they need to do.
Our tutors will be available for a chat all the way through, right up to the time of submission. Most students find this to be the greatest relief - knowing that help is available allows them to relax and work with a clear mind.

Coursework in General

We will provide help wherever it is required, for any type of coursework. Our aim is to make students see the value of every step of their educational ladder, and to achieve the very best they can on every rung.

Please note that we will never directly improve your work ourselves - we will help you to be good enough to do it yourself, so that the mark you get is authentic, and something of which you will be proud, and you can move forward with your knowledge and skills to the next stage of your education.

Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent direction